Would You Rather Game

Players take a step forward if they agree with the first reply or a step backward if they agree with the second answer. This really is a great icebreaker game!

100 would you rather questions

Can you rather:

3.Be stranded to get a year on an island on your own or with someone who never stops talking?

4.Save the life of every stray animal you meet, or have an actual light saber that is working?

5.Find an alien from outer space or a living dinosaur?

6.Go without music or television for the rest of your life?

7. have no mobile phone or Have no web?

8. Watch scary movies all night and sleep outside by yourself or hang in a room filled with clowns?

9.Find a mermaid or a unicorn?

10. Get even or get it over?

11. Have an additional arm or an extra leg?

12. Wear a swimsuit in the wintertime or heavy jacket in the summertime?

13. Have cupcake frosting for hair or birthday candles for teeth?

14. Have floppy ears just like a long tail or a dog?

15. Be the smartest or most popular in your school?

16. Only have the ability to yell or whisper whatever you speak?

17. Have your parents decide who you marry or be single?

18. Eat pizza or ice cream for each meal for 1 year?

19. Give your cell phone or your favorite pet up?

20. Constantly itch or sneeze?

21. Be guaranteed health or wealth for the rest of your own life?

22. Talk in rhymes or must sing all you say?

23. Have worms for noodles or hair or arms?

24. Have green hair or purple eyes?

25. Spend the night in a small raft in a shark infested ocean or on a small boat within an alligator infested swamp?

26. Say all of your sentences backwards when you’re standing on your own mind or speak?

27. Quack just like a duck after each sentence or Moo like a cow?

28. Smell everything around you 10 x more or have everyone be able to smell you 10 x more?

29. Locked in the library or museum during the night?

30. Develop a great innovation or be a famous sports star?

31. Have 3 or 3 eyes legs?

32. Have your eyes or your skin continuously change colour?

33. Date someone who’s is the finest appearing in school or got the most effective personality?

34. Understand what animals are individuals or thinking are thinking?

35. Have x or night vision ray vision?

36. Be a a little elephant or a giant mouse?

37. Spend the night in the forest or an abandoned amusement park?

38. Constantly be 20 minutes early or 20 minutes late?

39. Find proof that Unicorns or Big Foot are genuine?

40. Have a rewind or pause button you could use at anytime?

41. Live on a boat or in a small mountain cottage?

42. Live through a tornado or a hurricane?

43. Take a ride on 1000 helium balloons or a magic carpet?

44. Lose 5 buddies or increase 1 opponent?

45. Lie to your closest friend or tell your parents the truth?

46. Be able to fluently speak a foreign language or understand it?

47. Have legs the length of fingers or your fingers the length of your legs?

48. Wear ear plugs or dark sunglasses for 7 years?

49. Be adhered at Arizona desert or the South Pole for 2 weeks?

50. Feed the animals in a zoo or the creatures at your local animal shelter?

51. Would you rather Skydive or Bungee jump?

52. Scale a mountain or repel down a cliff?

53. Always be dressed up or dressed everyday?

54. Not be able to see colors or flavor?

55. Reside 1 year without electricity or without running water?

56. Lick your best friends big toe or a frog?

57. After anyone speaks to you personally weep or laugh uncontrollably?

58. Talk like a game show host or a news anchor for 10 weeks?

59. Crawl on your belly everywhere you summersault or went?

60. Be 9 inches tall or 9 feet tall?

61. Be the worst for a sport that is popular or the best athlete for an unknown sport?

62. Predict the future or be capable of change the past?

63. Create a fresh AP that is popular or be a Youtube star?

64. Be able enough to evaporate or get extremely large?

65. Use only Twitter or only Instagram?

66. Have a red clown nose or wear clown shoes for 1 year?

67. Take a classmate you don’t like to your concert or get a sib?

68. Have fish or duck feet scales for skin?

69. Be serene in every situation showing excessively animated?

70. Walk on water or fly?

71. Find $100 and keep it or find $500 and give it away to charity?

72. Hop everywhere you go or walk backwards?

73. Quit crime or stop poverty?

74. Eat 12 cupcakes or tub of ice cream?

75. Have your head attached backwards or your legs?

76. Wear only or only shorts slacks for the rest of your life?

77. Be picked for Survivor or Amazing Race?

78. Swim in a pool of molasses or mayo?

79. Would you rather be the villain or the hero?

80. Eat a worm or walk to school to get a week?

81. Famous movie star or musician?

82. Be a flower or a tree?

83. Have to spend 6 months in prison or a year in a psychiatric hospital?

84. Have hair everywhere on your own body or be absolutely bald?

85. Only apply your phone for 5 minutes a day or go without your phone for 1 week?

86. Tour the US in a motor home or the planet on a plane?

87. Have a fear of heights or a fear of the dark?

88. Be the star that everyone talks about or blown off?

89. Have one brain and two heads or one head plus two brains?

90. Unable to determine your reflection in a mirror or not be able to listen to your own voice?

91. Be a bear cub or a wolf cub?

92. Have Super or Xray vision Strength?

93. Be personal friends with Spiderman or Batman?

94. Be shot from a cannon or be a trapeze artist?

95. Be the first person to search the depths of the ocean or the first person on Mars?

96. Fly or walk through walls?

97. Be lied to or gossiped about?

98. Bring an end to hate or hunger?

99. Can you rather Be a starfish or a shark?

100. Have a group of good friends or 1 buddy that is great?