Regardless of what you are doing in life, there’s consistently likely to be someone there that really wants to tear you down. They want to seek out every fault that you simply have an exploit it to make you feel awful about yourself. They want to ruin your self-confidence, and ensure that you never feel like you’re able to succeed at anything. It’s frustrating to hurt your feelings plus it makes you feel like you are a section of dirt. So why does this occur? Why do people feel like they must tear you down and cause you to feel like garbage? Believe it or not, there are lots of reasons for us which I’ll discuss today.

The truth of the situation is that the main reason most folks tear others down is since they’re not happy with themselves. It’s authentic, although I understand this seems odd. The main reason that they tear others down is that it they are not unhappy with their life is going. Possibly they’re not living up to their particular expectations. They definitely don’t wish to view you surpass them. Thus, in turn, they attempt to tear you down so that you only feel like you’re lesser than they’re. The psychology behind this is if you don’t have the confidence in yourself to succeed, then you almost certainly won’t. They find your faults, then try and embarrass you and tear down your credibility.

It’s mandatory that you see that you are in control of your success. You can’t let others’ views of you affect how your life ends up. When someone attempts to tear you down, keep in mind, they have faults of their own. There’s not a single person on planet earth that is not imperfect. While I would not advocate stooping to their level, make a mental note of these faults, and record them in your head. This will remind you that they’re not perfect either. Assess their life and their success, and you’ll realize why they’re striving to tear you down.

If you if you dig deeply enough you comprehend that they’re most likely not as successful as they should. Perhaps they will have a drinking problem. Maybe their marriage is falling apart. Perhaps they’ve been in the same place at their office for the last 15 years with no promotion. The fact of the issue is, they’re most likely only bitter and furious. They’re frustrated with their very own life since they’re in a dead-end job, and their life is going. Find individuals and that many chiefs in top management don’t try to tell you down. It truly is true people that you work with that are on your degree that does this. They’ve likely been there a while, and they see that they are not younger, quicker, and better than you at virtually all, so they try to make you feel just like you’re less of somebody to prevent your momentum. Dismiss them, and don’t stoop to their level. The best revenge is a success, when it comes right down to it.

Things to Remember:

They are given power by recognizing their malicious comments.

They’re where they’re for a motive.

Don’t ever settle for being where you are.

Only listen to people who are successful and have what you might have.

Listen to folks who have the things that you want in life. Don’t take guidance from losers. You’ll end up with what they have.

Continually strive to better yourself. If you are always striving to improve, your scenario will follow.


Why you are torn by others down understanding will assist you to be more understanding, and will allow you to to rise above that nonsense. Don’t get mixed up with malicious individuals, and focus just on your own success. I’d love to listen to your ideas on this. Don’t hesitate to depart your thoughts below.

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