Game Time! 40 Saucy Truth or Dare Ideas for a Fun Night

Dare or truth may have been entertaining when we were children, but with these 40 surprising truth or dare ideas, this version of the game won’t be forgotten shortly.

The game of truth or dare evolves for each person as they get older. From the challenge when we were 5, consisting of making us step foot in our senior sibling’s room and face their wrath, to daring us to kiss our puppy love sitting across from us in the circle when we were 15, we’ve all had our fair share of this game.

After high school, a bit dims, and you done every dare or confessed every truth.

Change up your game with these truth or dare ideas

I was at a party one night and it was a fairly little group—maybe 10-15 people. It was somewhat dreary slow, uneventful, and, frankly. So I determined we should all play with a game of truth or dare. I got a lot of groaning and moaning before individuals reluctantly agreed.

Fortunate for them, that night I determined to get just a little creative and ramped up the rules and the truths and challenge. They were all stunned at how much fun this seemingly innocent game had become. And it’s your turn.

Who says that, only because you technically grew up,” you can no longer play what is arguably among the best games out there? I say you can and it’s about time. If you don’t have game nights, you should begin.

If you need a match nighttime that’s truly unforgettable, use these truth or dare ideas to spice up and keep everyone entertained.


If someone decides to *lamely* pick truth during their turn, here are some fascinating questions to ask.

#1 What was the most awkward thing to occur on a date?

#3 Have you ever heard your parents banging?

#4 Have your parents ever walked in on you having sex/ masturbating?

#5 Did you have an awkward nickname as a kid?

#6 What’s a bizarre talent you might have?

#7 What’s a humiliating guilty pleasure of yours?

#8 Are you a person in the mile-high club?

#9 Would you desire to be a part of the mile-high club?

#11 What’s someone you’ve and the biggest age difference between you hooked up with?

#12 What’s your secret sex fantasy?

#13 Who’s the one man you’d switch sexual orientations for?

#14 Where is the most ridiculous area you’ve had sex?

#15 Would you kill someone for a million dollars, if they were a person that is dreadful and you understood you’d never get found?

#16 If you could function as the opposite sex for a month, but had to remain that way for the entirety of it, would you?

#17 What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever used—that worked?

#18 If you only had 24 hours to live, would you rather spend it stealing something, or having sex with someone you’ve consistently needed to you’ve always desired to have? [Check out: Hot, naughty texting games to have fun all night ]

#19 What’s the worst prohibited thing you’ve ever done?

#20 If you could change something about yourself *not physical*, what would it be?



If someone decides to man up and go with the dare, get a camera out with these dares, you’ll want to make sure someone gets it all on video.

#1 Substitution your complete outfit with the individual next to you.

#2 Go commando for the rest of the night.

#3 Undo someone’s shirt buttons with your mouth.

#4 Wearing just 2 items of clothing of your choice, ask for sugar and visit the neighbors’.

#5 Do a nude lap around the house—outside, and around the home.

#6 Take your panties off and hang them on the chandelier/light fixture.

#7 leave it there until it’s completely melted and Put an ice cube in your trousers.

#8 Slam your fists on your own chest and do a Tarzan belief every time someone says, “Umm.”

#9 Poke someone you don’t know, but think is not cold .

# 11 embrace them and get up, and will not let go.

#12 *For guys* Shave one leg into a checkerboard pattern.

#13 * without a mirror * Go apply your cosmetics For girls.

#14 *For men* Put on a girl’s drastic lipstick for the remaining part of the match.

#15 Conversation in a foreign accent for the rest of the night.

#16 Let someone spit in your drink and then, end it.

#17 Do your best Mr. Head opinion.

#18 Give your telephone to someone and let them text anyone they need… anything they need.

#19 Re enact your arrival without using words.

#20 Serenade the person with your favorite love song to your own right.

Truth or challenge isn’t just for children anymore. Take these truths that are saucy or dare ideas to the following party you attend, and it’s sure to be a hit with you

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